Q&A with CEO, Nelson Hollins


Q: As Luxury Travel Advisors, what type of clients do you focus on?

A: We focus on Professional Sports Athletes, busy CEOs and Executives who are discerning travelers and desire the finer things in life regarding travel for themselves, family, friends or associates.


Q: When your clients contact you, how do you help them?

A: We initiate the process to explore the solutions to satisfy their needs and desires in planning luxury and/or lifestyle travel experiences.


Q: How are your services special or different from other travel professionals?

A: Our passion for travel and beauty is transferred into the picture we bring to life with rich unique possibilities and the fulfillment of rewarding and memorable travel experiences in which our clients will treasure for many, many years. Travel is an investment in one’s enjoyment. And when clients make that investment with us, it includes a relationship as well. We believe people prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust. We choose to develop a trustworthy relationship with every client that comes through our doors. We listen in order to understand the needs of the client and exhibit compassion and a level of confidence in our ability to provide a lasting and enjoyable experience that meets those needs. It’s all about the experience!


Q: Why should your clients or potential clients trust your luxury travel recommendations?

A: We purposely connect and partner with competent luxury travel suppliers who have the knowledge and the resources to provide the type of lifestyle travel experiences we believe our clients can expect and enjoy. We service clientele who recognize the value and time-saving capabilities of utilizing a professional and who appreciate the distinction and difference of having a Luxury Travel Advisor to facilitate their travel needs.


Q: Do you specialize in any specific types of travel experiences?

A: Initially, we made the decision to specialize in five-star Caribbean travel experiences. Since the rebranding of our agency, we now provide a greater assortment of worldwide luxury travel experiences.


Q: Are there any additional thoughts you would like to express to your clients or potential clients?

A: We do appreciate your business and look forward to servicing your luxury travel needs. Please contact us today to plan that very special Ultra worldwide travel getaway!